a)    Automatic Gates

Automatic gates have been proven to be very safe and secure as they automatically remember to close and lock themselves after use. With the latest gate operators using the 24V DC technology, the typical power consumption of these motorized gates, when in use is between 300 to 400 Watts only.

A typical two part swinging gate is most commonly used at private homes. This type of gate requires two operators to be installed to operate both the leaves of the gate. These sleek and modern looking operators are installed on the gate posts/pillars and are welded to the existing gate leaves. Both the operators are connected to a smart control panel which takes command from the remote controller and provides power to the gate to open or close.

Sliding gates are the best choice when large openings are required and are used at private homes, apartment blocks, industries and commercial complexes. Most sliding gates use a single leaf. Automating/motorizing a sliding gate can be more economical when compared to the two part swinging gates. A single operator is required to be installed on the levelled ground and a toothed ‘V’ shaped rack is wielded to the entire length of the gate. The control panel in this case is housed inside the operator itself.

These gates are generally designed in accordance to the European Safety Norms. This means that the latest safety technologies are built into the system. Every motorized gate is installed with safety infrared photocells. The infrared photocell can detect the presence of a vehicle or person in the path of the gate during closing cycle and will stop the gate immediately. A flashing safety light is also part of the installation. It starts to flash a soon as a command is received to open/close the gate from the remote controller or operating switch.

These products have now made their way in the North-east Indian market also. Many homes, car showrooms, apartments and government buildings in north-east city like Shillong, etc., have been seen using these. A few local installers are now present in Shillong who can help effectively design and install Gate Automation Systems.

b)      Automatic Doors


c)      Boom Barriers


Boom Barrier, the easy and effective way of entrance security.

Automatic Boom Barriers offer efficient security at the exit and the entry points of Factories, Office Complexes, Condominiums, Parking Lots, Toll Tax Plazas or any road-way entry where medium to heavy traffic is expected.


Came Boom Barriers with 24V technology offer the following advantages:

  • Works even during blackouts: The electronics of a Gard 24V system automatically recognizes a lack of power and activates emergency mode with special batteries.
  • Keeps speed in check: For total service, the 24V electronics enables the operating speed to be adjusted depending on whether the situation requires faster or slower openings and closings.
  • Intensive use: The low-voltage motor ensures operation of the barrier for intensive traffic conditions, such as streets, parking areas and other areas entailing constant, intensive operation.
  • Obstacle detection: A special electronic circuit constantly analyses the proper functioning of the bar, allowing for their total stop, or inversion of movement, when coming into contact with any obstacles.

d)   High Security Bollards

e)   Automatic Parking Space Savers

Parking Space Saver is a fully automated system that uses simple radio transmitters to reserve your parking space.

Our system includes safety and backup power features.

Available in small and large sizes, automatic parking space saver has application for both commercial and residential buildings.

f)     Retractable Bollards

Retractable Bollards are a robust, high tech solution designed to protect sensitive areas, and ensure the security of people and buildings.

Our product range includes flexible software features that can be integrated to include centralized control and management of both hydraulic and pneumatic bollardsto meet your individual security or traffic flow needs.

Bollards area proven solution to enhance the security of access points to Government Buildings, Ministries, Embassies, Consulates, Nuclear Power Stations, Barracks, Military Bases, Prisons, Airports and Banks.

g)      Parking Management System

Parking management is a fully automated system designed to manage occasional and subscribed traffic in commercial parking lots.

Our advanced software supports up to 5,500 types of users and can manage up to 10,000 parking spaces. We design a fully integrated system to manage entrance, exit and pay stations that support your individual needs and maximize your commercial efficiency.

Our product range and expertise mean Parking Management is an ideal security solution for commercial facilities large and small.

h)      Overhead Garage Doors

Overhead garage doors are a fully automated system that can be readily incorporated into any modern garage door.

We offer a range of features customizable to your needs, and include the safety and backup power features that guarantee maximum performance.

Our product range provides a durable user-friendly solution to both home and commercial needs.

i)     Automatic Rolling Shutter

Rolling Shutter automation is designed to be simply retro-fitted to all types of rolling shutters.

The simple system can be installed to shutters large and small. For large shutters, secondary motors can be coupled to support increased lift capacity.

A versatile system suitable for retailers, warehouses, office buildings and homes.

j)      Turnstile

Turnstiles provide a simple security solution that manages foot traffic, and maximises the efficiency of your entrance and exit logistics.

Our range of high tech hardware and software enable us to design and install a fully integrated system that is tailored to your needs.

Our systems are suited to small-scale settings, such as offices, and high-traffic settings such as stadiums, metro/subway stations, and public buildings.

k)     Flap Barrier

Flap barriers provide a fully automated solution to manage foot traffic.

Flexible hardware and software product ranges mean Flap Barriers canconveniently integrate with your existing access control systems, barcode cards, and biology identification equipment.

This adaptable and reliable security system is applicable to small and large commercial settings such as office buildings, government offices, schools, banks, metro/subway stations and stadiums.

l)      Automatic Chain Barrier

The Chain Barrier is a high tech product that delineates parking spaces and restricts flow of vehicles to unauthorized area.

This fully automated system provides power back up protection, and includes safety features such as obstacle detection.

The simplicity of control and design make Chain Barriers an elegant solution to selecting passages in residential areas, public attractions, or museums.

m)    Lighting Management System