Electronic Security

Electronic Security

a) Access Control System

Access Control system is used to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles, in, out and around a building or site.

The benefits of using an access control system include the prevention of loss or damage to capital assets and the reduced risk of personal injury to staff and visitors.

We provide access control solutions ranging from controlling a single entrance door to managing a large complex site with hundreds of entrance doors networked together.

We design access control systems using RFID Smart cards, Fingerprint, Hand Geometry, Palm Vein or Iris recognition readers.


Corporate Offices
Educational Institutions
Government Buildings
Defence Establishments

b) Video Surveillance System
c) Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)

An under-vehicle Surveillance system generally consists of cameras mounted within a ramp and used at facility access points, particularly at secure facilities. An under-vehicle inspection system is used to detect threats—such as bombs—that are hidden underneath vehicles. Cameras capture images of the undercarriage of the vehicle for manual or automated visual inspection by security personnel or systems. This is an advanced solution that scans a vehicle’s bottom chassis for hidden explosives & modifications.

d) Intrusion Detection and Alarm System
e) Fire Detection and Alarm System
f) Electronic Article Surveillance
g) Emergency Public Addressing System
h) Video Door Phone System
i) Metal detectors
j) X-ray Baggage Scanners